Edgar Degas & fluke of life

When I was prepareing this post about one of my favourite artists
I was pleasently surprised about his birthdate - 19. Juli 1834 -
- it is also my birthday.
Isn't this lovely fluke like a little present of life?
Anyway it really made my day (and suddenly in rhyme-mood haha).
Ok, enough talking about lucky me. Where did I leave off ?
What I like about Degas' paintings are the colors he used and certainly
the balletdancers in this breathtaking and spectacular tutu-skirts.
Hilaire-Germain-Edgar De Gas was a Frenc painter. He preferred ballet scenes
as motives but he also painted scenes from the operas, theatre, horse running
and everyday life which he showed in modern style with concrete elements.
They are stamped by a sharp observation of the movement and by his typical edge figures.
Degas counts today to the important parallel figures of the impressionism.
Thanks Mister