Let me tell you something ...
When I was about 10 years old, I was so curious about insects especially in caterpillars.
Everyone called me: "Insektenkönigin" (Queen Of Insects).
One day I found a leaf with a few fresh born caterpillars.
That was the begining of a new friendship!
I still remember how cute and linty they looked.
I wish I had a camera in that time to document that and the following days I spent with
my caterpillars :) Never mind, I still got wonderful memories.
The caterpillars got soon a luxury home in my terrarium and they didn't stop grwoing.
But their fulltime pursuit was eating, eating and eating ...
...suddenly they became so big and fat, that I thought twice before I took them out of the terrarium. A metamorphosis of a butterfly is without doubts one of the most enthralling experience I did
in my life.
The moment of glory when a wonderful butterfly slips out of the misterious cocoon, which was one second before a chubby, multicolored caterpillar with an army of big fat suckers as legs, is an unique, precious and rare experience.